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Stöd och Matchning STOM

Stöd och Matchning (STOM) is a service for those who can work, but who need more support to find a job.

You and your case handler will develop a plan for finding a job or starting a job. We then ensure that you receive individually tailored support to help you reach your goal faster.

Among other things, you can get support to:

  • Find and apply for a job
  • Create application documents
  • Contact employers
  • Study and receive vocational guidance
  • Participate in a study visit 
  • Teaching

We are an international company with experience in providing support to job seekers in seven countries. We have professional and motivated employees who work to give you the right tools and guidance

Talk to your case manager at the Employment Service and ask if you are eligible for the Stöd och Matchning service. Then you can choose Maximus as your supplier.

The Employment Service assesses your need for the service and determines if you can get enrolled.